eXpedite Supply Chain

Warehouse Managed IT Service

eXpedite Supply Chain provides both flexible warehouse software and appropriate hardware with a secure data hosting / integration facility to provide a complete IT platform for your warehouse

Efficiency across warehouse

eXpedite Benefits


eXpedite seamlessly extends the functionality of your existing WMS or ERP systems.
It fills critical process and visibility gaps, mobilizing your workforce and where required. will extend the business logic of your host system in a quick and cost effective way.

Clients include

One-Stop Shop

Focus – Goods received

eXpedite Supply Chain - Goods Receipt

Goods Receipt

Your warehouse staff will be able to receive and check inbound goods at either item, carton, pallet or cage level.

This is with or without validation against Advanced Shipping Note (ASN), Air Wayside Bill (AWB), Purchase Order (PO) or other delivery data from third party suppliers or distribution centers.
eXpedite Supply Chain - Goods Receipt

With our inbound logistics module your workers will confidently be able to:

Process and verify inbound logistics quicker

Receive system directed guidance for inbound goods

Capture photographic evidence of the condition of incoming goods.

Print labels on the spot to replace damaged or missing ones

High-End Logistics Clients include