Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines
The company was using paper printouts from their ERP system to distribute priority shipment listing. Each ‘Good Received’ had to be checked against the printout manually to ascertain whether this was a priority item. Following discussions with our consultants, eXpedite was able to resolve this process electronically as outlined below.
1. Priority Shipment Data items including AWB data, from their ERP system (TRAX) is sent to Skypaq hourly and distributed to scanners on the warehouse floor.
2. Using Zebra TC77 devices, items arriving to the warehouse, are recorded electronically, and required IT systems are updated with notice that an item has arrived. When a ‘Priority Item’ is found on the factory floor, an extra step occurs, and a message appears on the scanner stating that a ‘Priority Item’ has been identified. Users on the floor do not need to carry reams of paper to identify ‘Priority Items’, all data is available on the Scanner and appropriate ‘smart’ notifications enabled.
3. Full solution was provided including appropriate hardware and data hosting.